Our Services

  • Operational Audit
    - Complete a thorough and objective review of the business processes and systems. Report of findings will highlight gaps and areas for improvement including recommendations for solutions to increase the overall efficiencies and effectiveness of the organization.
  • Organizational Development
    - Focus on developing the organizations processes, systems and structures to achieve and sustain a new desired state.
  • Executive 1 on 1 Clean Up
    - Regaining control of your organization and learn best practices to stay organized. “First get yourself organized, then you can get your team organized!”
  • Management & Operations Documentation
    - Back to the basics; clearly define and map out roles and responsibilities, policies and procedures in your organization.
  • Business Development
    - Determine growth strategies through strategic planning sessions, rhythmic accountability sessions and measurable tasks for implementation.
  • Business Plan Creation
    - Development of Business Plan in collaboration with Owner/Executive team.

Our Approach

Ankor Strategies hands on approach and engagement with your team provides tangible and measurable results for business owners such as; reduction of production waste, eliminating staff inefficiencies, improving employee morale and productivity, increasing accountability, and focusing on best practices, all resulting in savings on your bottom line.

Implementation of new processes and systems is essential to the success of your investment in streamlining internal processes, therefore, our methodology at Ankor Strategies has an Implementation Phase to ensure your investment is put into action. Most businesses see an additional 1x valuation of their company once clearly defined systems are put in place, tested and proven.

Privacy Policy

We understand you are welcoming us into your business and with that, it is essential for us to respect your organizations' privacy. Therefore, when you partner with Ankor Strategies, a Contract & Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect your privacy and proprietary information will be agreed upon. It is important that we continue to gather best practices, systems and processes within a wide range of industries to stay on top of trends, adding value to all our clients. It is your responsibility to inform us of any additional sensitivity to privacy before starting a contract.