Process & Methodology

Ankor Strategies focuses on approaching each organizations' project through a Three Phase System. The focus, scope and scale of the project will vary based on our client’s needs; however, we recommend always starting with an Analysis of existing operations to provide clarity for the area(s) to focus on. Our Strategists will then move forward in partnership with the Owner/Operator to develop solutions and implementation to provide tangible and measurable results.

Each client may need to complete all Phases, only one, or a combination depending where they are at with their specific needs. This process may take place over a long term, short term or sample service based on the businesses specific needs.

Phase One: Focused Analysis

  • Analyze operating risks and challenges of current state.

Phase Two: Focused Strategies

  • Develop strategies, document solutions and utilize both existing and new resources.

Phase Three: Focused Implementation

  • Implement, train and oversee adoption of new processes.