Consistency – That’s the Secret!

Ankor Quote- Consistency (sm)If you ask any successful entrepreneur, athlete, scholar “What are you doing differently than your competitor to become so successful?” most would, if not all would say “I’m not doing anything different. I’m simply doing what everyone else is doing, only I’m taking action on a consistent basis”.

As business owners, if we can be Consistent on a daily, weekly, monthly, annual basis to accomplish what we have to do… then we can do what we want to do!

If your customers, your staff, your facilities, your meetings, your departments and so on master Consistency, you and your business will gain the ‘Momentum’. With Momentum on your side, you will see Growth and that’s the SECRET to achieving Success!

Do you have Momentum right now or has it fizzled? Here are our Top 3 Tips for getting back into the habit of Consistency:

1) Start your day off bright and early with a focused plan. There are many habits that successful people do before most wake up, start off with picking 3 of them and do it consistently every morning. Click here for top 10 morning habits! 90% of the worlds most successful people wake up before 6am.
2) Set reoccurring weekly time blocks in your calendar for time working ‘on’ your business and working ‘in’ your business. Keep to that schedule; both are important, stay consistent!
3) Stay organized and have a list. Have a written plan of your daily and weekly priorities to focus on. Start a log/journal and write out in priority of importance 3 tasks to accomplish today and check them off before you go home. Get it done – be consistent! Tip: have an accountability partner to check in with

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