The Myth of a Busy Day… Where Does Your Time Go?

As a hectic business owner or senior level executive, your days probably whip by in a flurry of activity. You find yourself constantly moving from one pressing issue to the next, putting out fires and addressing one urgent situation after another, solving problems for junior staff members and constantly explaining to employees how to get things done. At the end of the average day, you’re most likely exhausted, and you probably feel like you achieved a great deal. You were definitely extraordinarily busy, but key questions to ask yourself are: Was I actually productive today? What concrete accomplishments did I actually achieve today? Upon some reflection, you might suddenly realize your day was just frantic, not truly productive.

As the leader at the helm of the organization, your time is supposed to be focused on strategic activities that further the overall mission of the business. Each time you deviate from your strategic leadership role to explain basic processes, take care of routine administrative tasks, help junior employees find missing resources or interrupt your work to solve emergent problems, you are actually costing your business money.

First, there is the opportunity cost of a leader who has been distracted from executing his or her core responsibilities, responsibilities that are now being fulfilled late or are being completed hastily at a lower quality level than they should be. Next, you are being paid an executive level salary, yet you are spending your time on tasks that are supposed to be carried out by junior personnel; in effect, you are overcharging your business for your services. Clearly, there has to be a better way to solve these organizational problems and keep company systems operating smoothly so that you and your staff members can focus on the bottom line and revenue generation.

The good news is that yes, there is indeed a better way to conduct business that will cut your costs, eliminate waste and bottlenecks, reduce inefficiencies and leverage the core capabilities of your business to boost your revenues and profits.

Measurable performance improvements and cost savings can be realized by closely analyzing your business processes and operations, establishing repeatable systems with guaranteed outcomes, documenting workflows and procedures, removing redundancies and redesigning dysfunctional processes.

By systematically organizing your enterprise and eliminating all sources of lost time, labor and effort, you will find that both you and your organization are capable of achieving results faster than ever before. At the end of each busy work day, you will be able to measure exactly what you and your organization achieved, and you will find yourself spending more time on strategic leadership and less time on putting out fires. All it takes is a thorough analysis of your organization using the proven techniques of business process improvement.