Assessing your Strengths & Weaknesses – Finding Balance!

You have a dream, a vision to FIRE your boss and become an ENTREPRENUER! So you pick what you think your pretty darn good at doing; put together a decent plan- maybe in your head or in a note book, lock in some of the details (name, business licence, start-up purchases) and your off- you have started a business!
Do you know one of those Entrepreneurs? Are you that Entrepreneur? How’s it going?
Business is going well, most figure “I’m working on what I am good at, and it’s just me so I do not need to invest my time in other areas…yet”. When will be the right time to start investing in working on your whole business?
So often we see business owners undervalue the importance of starting off their organization with a strong foundation, with a clear plan. A foundation that goes beyond you, the owner, and your skill set… a foundation that can be duplicable, measurable and accountable. It is not a question of if you will get to point where your business needs more than YOU, it’s a question of WHEN!

When building a strong foundation for your business, it is important to spend some time assessing your strengths as a business owner and find the GAPs where you need support! We all need help at some point, but do we know WHAT help to ask for? When looking at the strengths of your company, we encourage you to first evaluate yourself, your strengths. A fun test inspired by Michael E. Gerber’s philosophy & bestselling book, The E-Myth Revisited, goes something like this:

You have 100% of YOU to give to your company, correct?
Of that 100%, how much do you invest in being the:
____% Entrepreneur- the ‘visionary’ and dreamer kind of guy, living in the future
____% Manage- the ‘planner’ and pragmatic kind of guy, living in the past
____% Technician- the ‘hands on’ get things done kind of guy, living in the present

We believe the secret to a strong foundation is all about balance!
Do you have balance? Is one trait stronger than the other? How can you fill in the gap? How can you learn to be more balanced? These questions will help you find the areas for YOU to focus on for your business that may need a new, rebuilt or stronger foundation.

Developing a systemized operational plan that can satisfy the needs of the Entrepreneur, Manager and Technician in you, will create balance and direction for business – A STRONG FOUNDATION STARTING WITH YOU!

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